Ideal for small to medium sized operations, Tubeline’s new TL1700SR Individual BaleWrapper takes command of your square and round bale wrapping. An easy to use wrap counter allows you to set the desired number of rotations of wrap per bale and displays the current rotation.

Hydraulically powered, the TL1700SR can easily switch between round and square bales by moving the secondary drive shaft on either of the appropriate stub shaft. Each stub shaft changes the drive ratio to provide the appropriate advancement of the bale. When the carrier arm is placed in the wrapping position, the carrier can be raised or lowered centering the wrap on the bale to provide even plastic coverage throughout the wrapping process.

The L1700SR is also equipped with Tubeline’s Twin Wrap Kit which laminates two layers together to form a stronger 2-ply layer of plastic. The Twin Wrap Kit is offset creating a 4” lead which ensures optimal overlap as the film is layered.

The ECV Series BaleWrapper has an all-in-one control center which makes operation and adjustments easier and more accurate. The large screen displays the real time status of the wrapper and is easy to read even in direct sunlight.

The ECV Digital Control Console makes it possible to fine-tune your wrapper. User pre-sets make it easier for both producers and custom operators to change bale sizes at the touch of a button. Bale wrap layers can be accurately increased or decreased through the easy to use menu. For those who aren’t sure if the ECV is right for them, an interactive simulator can be found on the Tubeline website.

For more information on producing quality silage or to test the ECV series of BaleWrappers online visit


Tubeline's new TL1700SR Individual BaleWrapper.
Tubeline's new TL1700SR Individual BaleWrapper.