Dawn Equipment CEO, Joe Bassett, announced the launch of a new company. Underground Agriculture is a mission-driven company focused on providing innovative agricultural equipment and intelligence to the fast-growing audience of farmers employing organic no-till methods.

“On the Dawn Equipment side, we’ve witnessed and helped cultivate a fundamental transformation in the way our customers approach farming,” says Bassett. “Whether talking about fully-automated planters or strip-till units, the way farmers farm has been undergoing radical change and we’ve helped them adapt every step of the way with innovative, increasingly digitized, ground-engaging products.”

Dawn Equipment, a long-established and respected manufacturer of highly engineered and well-built farm equipment and accessories, has a reputation for innovation that was recently solidified when the company topped the 2017 list of most innovative companies published by Crain’s Chicago Business.

Ironically, it is the return to the age-old farming wisdom that is fueling a new wave of farming – and needs for more design innovation. There is a small but growing group of next-generation producers who are ready to question conventional wisdom and chart a new course for their farms.

As the new company name might indicate, Underground Agriculture puts a heavy focus on soil health.

“We strongly believe that healthy soil is the basis for maximizing profit and therefore, sustainability for farmers,” said Bassett. “It is the true root of sustainable farming practices. Progressive farmers believe their soil’s life cycles should never be interrupted or made to sit fallow. Underground Agriculture is being launched to help farmers adopt, nurture and succeed with progressive, sustainable farming methods. We will do this by sharing intelligence and designing and manufacturing the finest progressive farming equipment in the world – right here in the Midwest – at prices progressive farmers can afford. Basically, sustainability through profitability.”

ABOVE: Underground Agriculture Founder Joe Bassett with one of the company’s DuoSeed cover crop inter-seeders.