With dicamba spray technology becoming more prevalent than ever, growers across the globe are looking for tools to help them spray more responsibly. Agrible’s Morning Farm Report® software has integrated the DriftWatch and BeeCheck technologies from FieldWatch®, so growers and applicators can see where sensitive crops and beehives are located.

“Growers want to do the right thing, and we want to make it easy for them to do just that,” says Chris Harbourt, CEO of Agrible, Inc. “We are excited to offer this integration to our Morning Farm Report growers, because we believe this is another tool that can help the industry focus on sustainability and be conscious of agricultural practices.”

The FieldWatch platform and mapping feature will give Agrible’s Morning Farm Report users access to information about where vegetable fields, fruit fields, beehives, greenhouses, pastures, organic fields, and more are located. The FieldWatch database contains self-reported information from several states, and Saskatchewan in Canada.

“Agrible’s technology platform is comprehensive and takes a thoughtful and thorough approach to sustainability and stewardship. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, and we are pleased to offer our data on specialty crops and beehives to their suite of tools,” says FieldWatch President and CEO, Stephanie Regagnon.

Growers will be able to see and identify sensitive fields through the My Maps tool in Morning Farm Report with an easy, color-coded system. Users can choose which sensitive fields they would like to view with easy toggle switches. When growers click on a specific field, the FieldWatch database information pops up and will give the user any contact information or details available.

“At FieldWatch, our mission is to get high-quality data to applicators. Working with partners like Agrible allows our data to be accessed, viewed and utilized by that many more producers and applicators across the country. We are thrilled about this new collaboration,” says Regagnon.