Myers Spring introduces new Laser Tooth Tines™, harrow tines and reverse taper tines featuring wire size up to 0.750″. These tines feature new and proprietary anti-wear surfacing for added tine life. Early testing of the anti-wear surfaces has shown three to five times longer life than just plain tines. Myers Spring tines maintain their length and shape, which helps keep consistent leveling of the seedbed.

According to the company, the resulting improvement in tine life has more than just cost savings per acre of any wear resistant solution for tillage tines. Because the wear rate is dramatically improved, the engagement pressures and angles are far easier to control, which can make leveling of seedbeds vastly more consistent. Appropriate tillage and seedbed preparation means more profit per acre and reduced wear means more time to attack compaction, seedbed, CEC and other opportunities to improve yields.

Many options are available for coatings, such as epoxy E-coat, which is used as a base coat for powder for better durability, and acrylic E-coat, which is UV-resistant and powder coat.