PolyDome recently introduced a complete line of livestock waterers. Included in the new line are water tubs from 56 gallons to 1000 gallons, and heated water bowls large enough for 40 to 200 beef cattle. Built tough, these tanks will stand up to rough treatment from large animals and extreme temperatures. The waterers are constructed from high-impact, UV stabilized polyethylene.

The Standard Water Tubs have reinforced outer lips, 2-inch drains, and are light enough to be moved to wherever your animals are. Available in four sizes ranging from 85 to 1000 gallons, and heights from 19- to 28-inches.

The Pro Series Water Tubs have a built-in float protected from livestock contact and a 3/4″ diameter hose fitting for water hookup to maintain water levels. They have reinforced outer lips, and 2-inch drains. They are available in 4 sizes from 56 to 700 gallons, and range in height from 19-inches to 33-inches.

New Heated Water Bowls are the perfect solution for farmers and ranchers in cold climates. The two-piece design allows for easy installation and maintenance of the plumbing. A round top float heater, secured by wingnuts, is designed to make it easier for your livestock to drink. Thermocycling draws water to the heat source. Heated water bowls are available in four sizes and can accommodate herd sizes of 40 to 200 beef cattle, or 20 to 100 dairy cows. Pre-installed ¾” plumbing connectors and 3/4″ Rojo® valves included.