Since its initial launch by Ag Soil Works, the Schmeiser Vibrosoiler Mid Row Ripper from T. G. Schmeiser Co. has shown impressive results and tremendous acceptance for use in both vineyard and orchard applications. The resulting demand lead John Crossland of Ag Soil Works, to reach out to T. G. Schmeiser Co., Inc. He states, “We were experiencing growing pains based upon the high demand for the Mid Row Ripper and are excited about Schmeiser becoming the exclusive manufacturer, sales arm and parts/service provider west of the Rockies. We have a long history with this company and couldn’t be more pleased.”

Andrew Cummings, President of T. G. Schmeiser Co., Inc., is excited about this new product addition and says, “This isn’t just an ordinary ripper. It’s a root zone management system.” Its patented system with ‘U’ shaped, oscillating hydraulic wings performs like no other to fracture, lift, and help blend the soil. The Mid Row Ripper goes deeper and opens soil broader for a healthier root structure.”

He adds “It’s super fast and efficient while providing up to 4 times greater soil fracture down in the root zone. That means deeper water penetration, better soil aeration, and soil amendment blending for your orchard or vineyard. Creating a healthy root zone is a critical first step for a successful crop.” Finishing off the unit is Schmeiser Till ‘an Pak Ring Rollers providing excellent clod busting abilities while leaving a clean finish.

Crossland echoes Cummings’ excitement: “When it comes to Rippers, this is simply a much better mouse trap!” It enters the soil easily and enables plant roots to explore greater soil volume and allow water penetration into the soil profile, therefore increasing water availability. As a result, root aeration and drainage is improved and roots gain access to previously untapped reserves of soil nutrients increasing the crop yield potential. The ripping depth is up to 32″ deep with two shanks fitted with wings from 5″ to 12″ vibrating at up to twice per second. It is adjustable for ripping various row spacing down to 5 feet wide.

The Mid Row Ripper creates three to four times the worked soil volume of a standard ripper and can incorporate organic matter and topsoil through the profile if required.