Amazone has recently expanded its line of plows to include the new Cayros mounted reversible plows.

With this addition, Amazone has five more models of mounted reversible plows in different sizes and designs in addition to the current Cayron series. The smallest Cayros M series includes three to four furrow plows for tractors up to 120 HP.

For tractors of up to 140 HP, 200 HP and 260 HP, the Cayros XM, XMS and XS offer stronger components. The top-range model plows are represented by the Cayros XS Pro with interbody clearances of up to 41” and a beam clearance of up to 35.4”. These plows feature a high 7.8 x 5.9 x 0.4” beam and a turnover shaft 4.7” in diameter. This series includes three types with four to six furrows for tractors up to 380 HP.

Each series can be equipped optionally with a mechanical or hydraulic furrow width adjustment. For rock protection, a mechanical, a half-automatic coil spring or a fully automatic hydraulic version is available. Additionally, Amazone offers five different plow bodies including a slatted moldboard.

The moldboards of the Cayros plows are heat-treated using the ©plus hardening process. This treatment can prolong longevity, while giving it high impact strength with less pulling power, reducing fuel consumption.