If you want less stress during breeding and better results during calving, the Silent Sire Portable A.I. Barn from TravAlong could be the solution.

This portable barn, designed for the safety of the operator and animal, focuses on comfort and function with high-quality standard features. The all-steel constructed, two stall barn is 18 foot in length with stall height of 91 inches.

The barn sits on a Rock Shaft axle with a 7,000-pound spindle allowing for smoother and safer movement when raising and lowering the barn. The Silent Sire includes a 12-volt hydraulic system with a solar charger. All gates are caulked to reduce noise.

Separated by a curtain, and each stall has a fully adjustable drop down bar in the rear. Included in the technician’s area is a 12 or 110-volt office light and plug, holders for gloves, paper towels, and waste bags, as well as semen warmer platforms.

The Silent Sire is equipped with view windows in the rear, which allows the technician to see the i.d. of each animal. It also features a translucent roof to allow more natural lighting for the technician.

Visit www.travalong.com or call 785-363 2552 for more information.

TravAlong’s Silent Sire Portable A.I. barn.