For years, pulse width modulated (PWM) control systems were limited to self-propelled sprayers. The same technology now can be implemented easily on pull-type sprayers and fertilizer applicators, thanks to four new pump models with integrated PWM control valves from Ace Pump Corporation.

“Our new lineup of pumps with integrated PWM control valves are designed for use on any closed-center hydraulic system,” noted Andy Randle, President of Ace Pump. “The pump and valve combination provides quick rate changes for constant and variable rate applications. No bypass circuit is needed to route excess flow back to the tank, thus preventing excessive heat and foaming caused by large bypass flows. And the pumps run only as fast as necessary, minimizing horsepower requirements as well as wear and tear on the pump and other system components.”

Randle continues, “Our new PWM pumps are further examples of how Ace Pump Corporation constantly responds to the changing needs of our customers,” added Randle. “Like so many of our products, these new additions to our inventory offer exceptional dependability, durability, convenience and value.”