With winter right around the corner, now is the perfect time to consider repurposing a propane engine as a backup power source or purchasing a new propane generator or agricultural heater for optimal comfort and reliability throughout the season.

As temperatures drop and unpredictable winter storms begin to make their way across the nation, severe weather and an unexpected power failure can quickly devastate a farm. Therefore, preparation is key, and an emergency power source like a propane generator is an important safety precaution. Propane generators and ag heaters prevent costly power and heat interruptions and ensure critical farm equipment, like water wells and building ventilation fans, continue to function properly throughout the winter season.

“Propane generators are often used as a backup power source but their versatility and value on the farm certainly does not end there,” said Cinch Munson, director of agriculture business development at the Propane Education & Research Council. “When electricity costs are high or access is limited, they can be used as an excellent prime power source. They can also be used to pump water for irrigation throughout the summer then transition into a backup generator for the remaining months, making them useful year-round.”

Propane-powered ag heaters help producers protect fruit crops and other climate-sensitive commodities from cold-weather damage, as well as maintain the health of livestock during cold winter months. Because propane does not degrade over time like gasoline or diesel, it is an excellent fuel source for agricultural heaters and backup power solutions.

Also with propane-powered equipment, operations are not at the mercy of grid failures or natural calamities and do not have to worry about electricity cutting out or gas line access. So no matter your location or the weather, you can rely on propane as a power source for continuous power and minimal downtime. With propane prices remaining low, now is an excellent time to consider switching to propane equipment, fill tanks, or lock in low prices for the year with fuel agreements.

PERC’s Propane Farm Incentive Program is still accepting applicants for the 2016 Propane Farm Incentive Program through the end of December, which offers up to $5,000 toward new propane engines, prime power generators, building heaters, and other agricultural equipment.

Learn more about eligible equipment, see grower testimonials, and apply at propane.com/farmincentive.