The single roller harrow on discs from Remlinger Manufacturing is now available with hydraulic control. This control gives farmers the power to roll the harrow up away from the ground on the first pass, while also adjusting the down pressure of the rollers using the tractor hydraulics. This change represents a significant benefit over simply adjusting the spring tension, which is what the previous single roller harrow on discs offered.

“Giving farmers more control is always important,” said Roger Westbeld, Sales Manager from Remlinger Manufacturing. “By introducing hydraulic control, our new single roller harrow gives a higher level of precision. We also offer a kit to help convert older single roller harrows on discs to our new hydraulic style.”

The new single roller harrow from Remlinger features one 12-inch roller, which breaks up clods and churns the soil. The roller is able to penetrate the soil up to two inches in depth. This allows the harrow to mix and firm the soil.