Sidney Manufacturing’s Timberline Tree Shears allows for the selective removal of unwanted trees. Because the Timberline Tree Shear rotates up to 110 degrees using hydraulics controlled by push button controls in the cab, it allows for precision removal and rotation after the cut. This means that the sheer not only cuts the tree, but also lifts, wrangles and carries it, performing all necessary tasks for full removal.

“Tree removal is a necessary part of farming and landscaping work, and it’s one of the most challenging parts too,” said a Sidney Manufacturing spokesperson. “We’ve designed the Timberline Tree Shear to make this job just a little easier.”

With the Timberline Tree Shear, users can cut an unwanted tree into the right sizes for firewood, loading or other uses. It also cuts quite quickly, with the ability to cut a tree at ground level in just 5.5 seconds. Because it has a single blade design, the Timberline does not require complicated adjustments as with other similar tree shears. The new Timberline also introduced a wireless control, which allows operators to activate the Timberline’s electronic diverter.

The Timberline Tree Shear comes in three models, the HTC-14, which cuts up to 14 inch trees, the TBL-1000, which cuts up to 10-inch trees, and the HTC16, which cuts up to 16-inch trees. It can be mounted onto excavators, ag tractor loader arms, skid steer loaders and telehandlers.