Valmetal’s new Pro-Feed 2020 automatic feed pusher can make your job more efficient and convenient – you can control it from your computer, tablet or cell phone from wherever you are. It features a waterproof controller with user-friendly 10” touch screen. The menu is simple; you just need to follow the instructions given on the screen.

Technical support, if and when needed is simple: the Pro-Feed 2020 will notify you by text message (SMS) if you encounter any problems. Valmetal’s specialists can check the settings and install upgrades, if required, remotely via Wi-Fi.

Pro-Feed 2020’s motors are brushless and maintenance free. The electric loading station is a simple 1/8” plate that is very resistant, even to the load of a tractor. The auger pushes the silage or hay back to the animals in a ‘fluffy’ consistency, increasing odor and palatability. “It’s widely known silages and forages served like this can increase the dry matter consumption and consequently the production of milk,” stated a company spokesman.