You won’t hear any complaints from Kurt Reiner about the big 40’ x 18’ Schweiss hydraulic door that his has on his farm near Hutchinson, Minn. It’s a farm shop door on a heated 60’ x 90’ building that he says gets used several times a day to bring Bobcats, feeder wagons and other machinery in and out ever since he put the building up over six years ago.

Reiner and his wife, Jackie, with seasonal help during planting and harvesting, grow corn and soybeans on his 1,100-acre farm in addition to raising 250 head of Holstein steers. Kurt grew up on a farm, but took a five-year break in the excavating business with his brother, Brent, before getting back into farming. Brent, who lives in Hutchinson, is also a Schweiss Door man. He has a 58’ x 16’ bifold liftstrap door on his aircraft hangar.

“I chose a hydraulic door because I thought they were probably a little bit easier to insulate and the price was right. I’ve seen the Schweiss ads from years ago. I had looked at different door companies and from what I’ve seen I know Schweiss doors are a heavier, well-built door. It’s a big enough door that lets me get all my equipment in,” said Reiner.

“I think the quality of construction on this door is excellent,” said Reiner. “At the time I got it I think it was a faster opening door than the bifold door, but I know Schweiss has made many improvements to his bifold and hydraulic doors since then. The Schweiss installers did excellent work and the door arrived on time and in good condition.”

Reiner said he went through the Schweiss factory with Dave Schweiss who took him through the whole plant.

“The thing about Schweiss is everything is overbuilt, I’ve looked at other doors and there is just a night and day difference. I’ve been real happy with this door; it’s been a great door that should last forever. The door is never going to fail, I would think if there’s ever a problem, the end of the shed would have to rot out before the door fails.

Reiner went a couple of steps further to make his door even nicer. He ordered it with a remote opener and two 24’ x 36” windows to take advantage of available daylight. He also mounted three sets of fluorescent lights on each side of the windows, that he says really lights up the outside of his building after the sun goes down.

“I have told anybody and everybody that has asked about a door to go with a Schweiss because they are a solid, straight opening door —I wouldn’t go with any door but,” explained Reiner. “I’ve used my garage door openers so much that the buttons were actually worn out. I called Dave, and on his way home he stopped by with a couple of new openers — how do you get better service than that?

Reiner did have a problem with his new building following a strong windstorm. According to him the builder didn’t put the poles in like they were speced to handle the weight of the door.

“When the door got installed it worked great. But then we foam-insulated it and sheeted it and wood poles started bowing and stuff started shifting after the windstorm. I called Schweiss Doors and within a matter of a few hours Dave came out. I told Dave that wood can always bow; how about an I-beam? Dave said they had a 40’ I-beam at the shop that would work perfect and within the next couple of days they were back, just in time before the cement got poured for the floor. Nothing moves now, it doesn’t matter how windy it gets. Everybody worked together, it was the best experience ever,” added Reiner.