Pöttinger developed the NOVACAT 352 and NOVACAT A10 based on feedback from the field and demand for a cost-effective and straightforward system for swath merging suitable for simple rear-mounted mowers. Pöttinger makes it possible with the new CF (cross flow) cross conveyor auger that merges the forage to form one swath right after mowing.

The closed design prevents forage losses, and savings in diesel costs are beneficial to your bottom line. Pöttinger offers an attractive, cost-effective alternative to trailed mowers. The new technology ensures there is no ground contact and consequently, no forage contamination.

Harvesting is performed by the baler or loader wagon itself. In the event of an additional swathing pass, four swaths are then efficiently deposited on a swath measuring approximately 10 feet. The CF auger can be opened by hand, enabling flexibility for farms that only need swath merging for one crop.