One Step Fencing solves the complications and hassles of setting up temporary fences. With uniquely designed posts, a One Step Fencing kit can be installed in minutes without any tools.

One Step Fencing provides everything you need for a 50’ fence in one self-contained kit – 8 metal posts, 50’ of plastic netting and plastic ties to secure the middle and bottom of the netting to the posts.

One Step Fencing’s powder-coated metal posts are designed with an easy, “step-into- place” anchor that allows you to push the post into the ground with your foot – no hammers or post digging. The “Y” notch at the top of each post holds the plastic netting in place as you assemble the fence, and keeps it there until you’re ready to take it down. Once the netting is secured to the post with plastic ties (also supplied), the fence is ready – no more slipping or sliding down the post leaving unsightly or unsafe conditions.

The lightweight, simple design makes installing a One Step Fencing kit quick and easy. One person can manage the process in minutes, which makes it ideal for a variety of applications. Here are just a few examples:


–Leaf retention

–Snow block

–Small pet runs

–Vehicle control

One Step Fencing’s durable, lightweight posts and plastic fencing is designed to last. It’s completely reusable and each kit comes with its own storage bag to protect it until the next use.

The metal posts are constructed and powder-coated right here in the USA.