Farmers nationwide have a chance to provide input on current and developmental WD-40 Company products by providing honest and unbiased feedback as part of the PRO Board, WD-40 Company’s free advisory board of trade professionals.

To make the most effective products for the job, WD-40 Company needs people to provide honest and unbiased product feedback, including on products explicitly created for farmers – like WD-40 Specialist Non-Fling Roller Chain Lubricant. In doing so, WD-40 Company hopes to develop products that keep farm equipment in perfect working order.

One of the perks of joining the PRO Board is to try products before they’re on the market. PRO Board members will be asked on an individual basis to try products specific to their field. Past products include multi-use lubricants, heavy-duty cleaners, specialty lubricants and greases and penetrants.

Each member of the PRO Board must sign a non-disclosure agreement and be active in one of the following industries: farming, MRO, DIY, automotive or construction. The opportunities for PRO Board members will vary by industry and quarter and could include product testing, product feedback surveys or focus groups.

Depending on the time and effort required for each PRO Board task, members may be compensated for their time. Applying to the PRO Board is simple – interested parties can go to and fill out a short questionnaire.