This column is dedicated to my granddaughter, Breanna Kinneman, who was in a horrific car accident — for which her life was spared, but lost both of her legs.

Breanna is our only granddaughter, so she’s been the ‘apple of our eye’ since she was born. One of four grandchildren, she has been spoiled by not only us, but the rest of the family. While growing up, she was always a favorite among her peers, so to have this horrific accident almost take her life was a tragedy that we couldn’t begin to bear.

But as we look back, the loss of both her legs seem as almost a blessing. It’s hard to put it in those terms, but compared to what could have been, we count our blessings. She’s still alive, with everything intact that made her a special girl in the first place.

We’ve watched her grow up, from a little girl to a beautiful young lady, with aspirations and dreams being fulfilled one day at a time. Just twenty-three years old, with a college degree within her grasp, she was looking forward to the future that she had envisioned, only to be lifted to a higher level. She’ll now walk even taller with greater goals and aspirations than ever before.

She always had a heart, soul, and mind for which we were very proud, but never envisioned the awakening of a new life that would touch the lives of others in such a loving, caring, sharing way. She has experienced what few have ever even been exposed to – an experience to be shared, that others might live to a higher level.

As she lay on that hospital bed in an induced coma, I thought I was looking at the most beautiful person in the world. With her long black hair flowing over the pillow and the sense of peace that seemed to engulf her every breath, we knew she was in good hands.

You know when the hand of God touches you, but the hand of man is usually more subtle. But her life seems to be an exception, as words can’t express the gratitude for the outpouring of prayers, love and support.

Her gifts could be compared to that of a bumper crop.

It is not for us to know why when we cry out for his love and mercy in taking care of Breanna. But it is up to us to let her know how much she’s loved!

You can follow Breanna’s story on the Caring bridge site: