The Versatile RT520 combine features a unique Rotating Concave Rotary system known for producing one of the cleanest samples in the industry. With improvements in overall cab comfort, mechanics and design, the new Versatile RT520 combine is a worthy addition to any farm.

The RT520 is setting the industry standard with an increase in horsepower and a new Tier 4 final QSG Cummins engine. Other new features include an LED lighting package with more than twice the illumination of previous models.

The Rotating Concave Rotary system eliminates the traditional “dead zone” found in typical rotary systems. The grain is threshed three times in each rotation, which increases throughput and ultimately provides a cleaner grain sample. The moving concave is self-cleaning. The rotor system allows the RT520 to be more productive than the competition in difficult crop conditions and in high-yield fields.