A new tillage tool designed for minimizing wheel compaction in farming operations was introduced recently by USM Wear Technologies. The patent-pending tool is called the ‘Wheel Tracker’ and features the company’s proprietary Caden Edge™ Technology.

Tillage parts – especially in the wheel track – can undergo substantial wear as they engage compacted soil, creating the need for periodic replacement or repair. The CADEN Edge™ proprietary process applies tungsten carbide applications to the cutting edge and high friction locations of cultivation sweeps. This process can reduce the amount of wear and extend the useful life of the tillage tools.

“We are excited about the shape and effectiveness of our new cultivation sweep called the Wheel Tracker,” said Loran Balvanz, president and CEO at USM Wear Tech.

Balvanz said Purdue University agronomy experts reported heavy farm equipment causes soil compaction and reduce corn yields up to 50 percent depending on soil conditions.

“The Caden Edge ™ Wheel Tracker allows the farm operator to address soil compaction issues while running the cultivation equipment at a higher speed, saving time and money,” said Balvanz.

When purchased with an optional ‘yield fin,’ the Wheel Tracker can break up more compaction and provide greater soil mixing action to improve seedbed preparation and weed control.