As the judge lines them up, from top to bottom, someone from the crowd was heard to say, “Which end is which?” That’s how confusing livestock judging has become.

From the heartland of America, people have made their voices heard, and yet there are those that want to deny what they’re hearing.
How can it be said that we’re a government of the people, for the people and by the people when their constitutional rights are being denied? Just as this is true of our pending president, it is equally true of our livestock judges – who aren’t listening to the masses, but rather, want to follow those of the least amount of knowledge about the livestock industry.

When the voices of the few become louder than the wisdom of those that really know, we become self-destructive to an industry that has been strengthened over time by research and development. All the R&D has led to the finest meat products on the face of the earth. And yet, we seem to want to destroy it by going back to those times of mere survival.

Today, we don’t want to work that hard, and wonder why ‘it’ doesn’t work. For many, it’s just easier to take shortcuts, and then blame the bank, the government, and anyone else who will listen.

Listen up my friends: There’s no free lunch, and the only one that is accountable is yourself. So stop following these people that want to take away your rights, freedom, and knowledge of a better product and a better tomorrow. They’re so absorbed in getting something for nothing, miscalculating the recipe of success.

So, you see, livestock judges and presidents have a lot in common. They can either lead you in the wrong direction or the right direction. Just don’t excuse yourself for not knowing the difference.

For far too long we’ve been following political correctness and fashionable trends of non-descript purpose and accountability.