Harleman has added two new products to its product lineup. The Wire Winder, designed to make winding up fencing fast and simple, and the Bale Clamp, designed to improve the process of picking up bales, both meet a need for the farmer or other agricultural professional looking to streamline work.

Wire Winder easily and quickly winds up fencing, including barbed wire fencing, using an existing auger drive. The farmer simply attaches the Wire Winder to the auger drive, then begins winding. Notches on the bottom of the Wire Winder allow the device to grab onto barbed wire while the operator remains in the skid steer. When winding is complete, the Wire Winder lifts out of the fence roll with ease. The Wire Winder is available with any hub connection necessary to fit the available device.

The Bale Clamp attaches to a skid steer and allows bales to be picked up from the side. This makes it easier to stack the bales without constant adjustment, streamlining the stacking process and allowing for more bales to be stacked in less time. The quick attach design allows the Bale Clamp to be used whenever needed.

“At Harleman, our goal is to make the farmer’s job simpler,” said a company spokesperson. “With both of these products, we have streamlined otherwise tedious tasks, and because each is designed to quickly attach to a skid loader, they can be used without delay.”