Alliance Tire Americas, Inc. (ATA) has introduced a 10-year workmanship and materials warranty on its specific farm radial steel-belted tires. One of the longest warranty periods being offered in the sector so far, this comprehensive policy covers SKUs across ATA’s Alliance, Galaxy, Primex and other brands applicable to tractor, agricultural-transport, fronts, implements, harvester, row crop and sprayer tires.

The simplified policy also includes 7-year workmanship and materials coverage on ATA’s standard agricultural tires, and a 3-year stubble and hazard warranty on specific farm tires.”Our tires help customers make their living in some of the toughest environments on earth,” says Dhaval Nanavati, President for ATA.

“To accomplish that, we draw on some of the best design, engineering and manufacturing capacity worldwide. What we’re offering to our customers with this new 10-year program is more than just a warranty, it’s a statement of quality.”    

Nanavati adds that Alliance, Galaxy and Primex customers may use the company’s ATG Warranty Wizard app for quick, easy filing of warranty claims. The app—which is available free for Apple iOS at the iTunes store, Android via the Google “Play” store, or for direct download at—makes it simple to use a smartphone to submit photos and claim data directly to the company for processing within 1 to 2 business days.

“Our warranty program and Warranty Wizard are part of our commitment to help our customers stay productive and profitable,” Nanavati says.