Spring weather can be unpredictable. Snow and sleet one day can quickly change to 70 degrees the next. Spring calving can be equally unpredictable, and while some producers believe that cold and snowy weather yields larger spring calves, one way to ensure a healthy calf at birth and weaning is through proper nutrition, say the animal health experts at Brookside Agra.

To give spring calves the nutritional boost they need during times of stress such as birth and weaning, Brookside Agra has developed natural oral nutritional supplement Calf-Rescue™. When given as directed, Calf-Rescue provides calves with select vitamins and a stabilized source of direct-fed microbials (probiotics) to maintain a healthy, natural appetite, digestion and immune system — at a cost of only about $1.50 per calf.

“The cold and snow can actually be very difficult on nursing calves. When calves are stressed, their appetites often decrease, while their nutritional demand on their bodies increases. Giving calves the nutrients they need at birth when they are weak and vulnerable will actually keep them healthier, therefore reducing the need for expensive shots and costly medical treatments to treat illnesses,” said Tim Nelson, Brookside Agra Vice President – Animal Health & Nutrition Sales.

Calf-Rescue’s blend of vitamins and natural microorganisms works to promote healthy microbial counts in the rumen to increase feed intake and improve digestive function. The gut of a newborn calf is nearly sterile; Calf-Rescue helps the calf develop a healthy gut microflora and promote a healthy digestive system, helping it to grow to its full genetic potential.