Buildings and shades from Structures Unlimited are available for a variety of applications, including prefabricated, temporary, permanent, and portable structures. As a leading supplier in the industry, they work with customers to meet their needs.

Structures Unlimited’s high-strength steel framework allows them to construct spaces up to 300 feet (91.4m) wide and any length. Design engineers develop the most comprehensive and innovative selection of products in-house.

Clear-span prefab buildings are designed and manufactured to be delivered and constructed quickly, often in weeks rather than months. When others are still waiting for construction, your operation gets up and running quickly.

Their translucent fabric membrane covers let natural daylight into the building, reducing or eliminating daytime lighting costs. Unlike conventional construction, where the outer covering is often punctured thousands of times to attach the roofing and wall cladding, Structures Unlimited’s clear span steel frame buildings are 500%* more airtight (*SRC Publication #11664-1C03 2003), reducing air and heat loss.

Additionally, the fabric membrane has non-conductive properties that reduce the transmission of heat and cold, making the building feel warmer on cold days and cooler on hot ones. It is impossible for traditional construction to match these advantages without substantial upgrades.

Structures Unlimited covers are available in widths up to 160 feet and can be manufactured to any length, ensuring a warmer environment in the winter months and a cooler interior in the summer. Combined with the WinchLoc fastening system, the patented truss-arch design guarantees an exceptional building.

A quality installation is provided by Structures Unlimited and their qualified dealers. Structures Unlimited offers quick installation and multiple foundation options. A professional installation crew or concise instructions further facilitate a timely installation. This results in faster building installation than conventional buildings.

A Structures Unlimited building provides unparalleled ambiance and exceptional sound-dampening performance. In addition to reducing or eliminating dependence on an electrical utility grid, the building’s large amount of natural light creates a feeling of sunshine inside, making it a more comfortable environment for animals and a safer one for those working around equipment.

Your growing business can take advantage of the clear-span design of Structures Unlimited buildings. In North America and around the world, their buildings are used for virtually every application, including salt and sand storage, livestock barns, riding arenas, retail showrooms, machine shops, airplane hangars, and recreational facilities.

High-quality components are used in the construction of Structures Unlimited buildings. Their ISO 9001:2000-certified manufacturing facility manufactures buildings. Engineered from structural-grade steel tubing, their patented truss-arch design offers superior building integrity.

Membranes made from high-performance fabrics are virtually maintenance-free and highly resistant to rips, tears, and punctures. A triple-coated corrosion barrier protects the framework from corrosion for a longer service life. Welds are finished with molten zinc.

Depending on your needs, Structures Unlimited can customize colors, ventilation, interior layouts, door and end wall options, foundations, and space requirements.

Globally pre-engineered, the buildings offer superior structural integrity regardless of the climate. With innovative building solutions, Structures Unlimited has set the standard and continues to raise the bar.

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