Christianson Systems introduces a new addition to their Handlair line of pneumatic equipment. The Handlair 404 is “where versatility meets power.” This “Little Giant” is designed to easily maneuver those hard to reach places while still providing the power needed to complete the job. Intended for smaller jobs, the Model 404 provides both vacuum and pressure for filling totes, short transfers, railcar spills, or any cleanup job.

Self-contained with a 37 HP Kohler engine, the 404 will transfer dry bulk material up to 1,200 bu/hr. The forklift frame moves smoothly and quickly, fitting in the back of most pickups for effortless transfer to and from the job site. An optional truck load-out kit is available for filling totes or discharging directly into trucks or bulk containers.

The 404 comes equipped with Christianson’s patented air filtration system that prevents dust from entering the blower, which helps prolong the life of the machine and its components.