The New Revolution Ditcher™ by Crary is setting the standard for moving dirt to create or maintain waterways, ditches, and terraces. Efficient drainage of your field increases yields and profits. The five-foot flat bottom leaves a smooth finish allowing equipment to pass through with ease.

“The Revolution Ditcher is a beast of a machine,” said Nick Chiodo, Marketing Manager for Crary Industries.  “We have designed a machine that will outlast and outperform the competition.”

The Revolution Ditcher works in a variety of soil types; throws dirt up to 125 feet or windrow the material close to the machine. It cuts up to a maximum depth of 10” in a single pass with the ability to make adjustments with its independent elevation control and side tilt. No one field is the same, so the ability to throw dirt in both directions is a huge benefit.

“Its raw ability to throw dirt for some distance or simply windrow dirt makes this appealing for all farmers in all conditions,” said Chiodo.