Schumacher’s pulse crop lifters combine simple design with durability for a productive pulse crop harvest. With the specially designed slot, the PRO FLEX lifter can fit perfectly on most types of guards, guaranteeing a tight fit. It features a compact design and secure mounting.

PRO FLEX lifter fits Schumacher guards as well as most forged guards. The length and angle of the lifter finger are fully adjustable to allow for optimal working conditions. The white color of the lifter finger provides maximum visibility in all crop conditions. High-quality material ensures the extended durability of the lifter finger.

Producer Mike Johnson remarked, “In comparison to other lifters, the PRO FLEX lifter is much stronger and experienced longer wear along with less breakage on the finger. The simple adjustment, combined with the easy removal and mounting, reduces any unnecessary downtime. The white color of the PRO FLEX finger was much easier to see in the crop.” Johnson grows over 1,000 acres of various types of edible beans.

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