Paved surfaces were severely tested last winter, and if areas of your asphalt or concrete surfaces had structural issues heading into the winter months, they’re probably worse off now. Craftco, Inc. created HP Asphalt Cold Patch and HP Concrete Cold Patch, designed to “deliver fast, complete results” for deteriorating and damaged pavement.

The application process is quick and easy. HP Cold Patch products come pre-mixed and require no major tools or equipment, an operation that can be handled by just one person. There’s also no messy clean-up, and once the materials have been poured and compacted, the repair is immediately ready for traffic.

HP Asphalt and HP Concrete are specifically formulated to withstand wide temperature ranges and can be applied year-round to confined voids in concrete and asphalt.

“Both HP Asphalt, available in a standard black color, and HP Concrete, available in a unique gray color to match oxidized asphalt and concrete, are engineered to be strong but flexible. These formulations help maximize the length of time your repair will perform at a high level,” stated a company spokesperson.