The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) recommends that producers initiate discussions with propane suppliers now, as recent weather and global geopolitical events continue to introduce challenges to many markets. By having those conversations now, producers can take advantage of early order discounts and other benefits of filling tanks sooner than previous years while ensuring continuous access to the energy they need throughout the 2022 harvest season and beyond.

From seed and fertilizer to parts and equipment, supply issues have disrupted many agriculture businesses in recent months. Additional factors—like market volatility, atypical weather patterns, and significant fuel cost fluctuations—make it more important than ever for producers to reduce costs and gain control over their operations whenever possible.

“While it might seem early to begin planning ahead for harvest fuel needs now, this is not a typical year,” said Michael Newland, director of agriculture business development at PERC. “With on-site storage options and fuel contracts, producers using propane can take control of their energy needs. Now is a great time to begin having those conversations with propane suppliers to potentially lock in lower costs and ensure sufficient supply ahead of demand increases.”

While producers nationwide face many challenges across commodity and energy sectors, propane costs and supply are not currently an issue. In fact, more than 90 percent of U.S. propane supplies are produced in the United States.

To help with planning ahead for propane supply needs, PERC has developed a Grain Drying Calculator tool. Available for free online, farmers can simply enter acres, estimated bushels per acre, and optimal moisture percentages to determine gallons needed.

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