Skid-Lift is now producing and selling two new models of scissor lift attachments: the 1530S and 2230S models. The new Skid-Lift models are powerful yet easy-to-operate and allow you to work up to 28 feet in the air, with a 15-22 foot platform height and 12.5 square foot working deck.

“With the release of the 1530S and 2230S models, we have simplified the Skid-Lift to make the unit lighter weight and more affordable,” says Paul Wick, National Sales Manager of Skid-Lift, LLC.

Skid-Lift works as an attachment for skid steers and tractors. The base legs of the Skid-Lift attachment are adjustable and allow professionals to work on all surfaces, including rough or uneven terrain.

“Many customers have asked about this type of streamlined unit without the extra features in our flagship 2030E HD model. We are happy to deliver these new products which allow our customers to work safely up to 28’ in the air with a low cost of entry and ownership,” says Wick.

The two new models are now available for purchase directly through Skid-Lift and its authorized dealers.