To help operators of smaller animal facilities who cannot staff their premises around the clock, Sensaphone offers two low-cost early warning systems that notify personnel immediately of changes in environmental conditions that can injure animals. Using the Sensaphone 1400™ and 1800™ monitoring systems, facility personnel can remotely keep tabs on fluctuations in sensor readings that can indicate a malfunction of critical equipment. These systems are ideal for use in livestock facilities, zoos, preserves, shelters, veterinary hospitals, boarding centers, and other animal habitats.

The Sensaphone 1800 system can accommodate up to eight sensors to monitor conditions such as temperature, humidity, air circulation, carbon dioxide, water pH, water leaks, fire, smoke, power failure, and unauthorized access. The Sensaphone 1400 system can accommodate up to four sensors. Both systems connect to any traditional telephone line and provide 24/7 monitoring.

When either of these systems detects that a sensor reading has moved out of the preset range, they immediately alert up to eight people with custom phone calls. This immediate notification gives personnel the chance to quickly address the situation and avert danger to the animals.

Users can get quick status checks and make easy on-site programming changes using the keypad. When checking sensor readings, these systems let users know the actual value of the monitored condition, not simply whether conditions are OK or not OK.

 These systems can also switch a local device, such as a light, on or off based on alarm activity. An optional microphone allows users to call in and listen to on-site sounds.

The internal rechargeable battery backup provides 24 hours of continuous monitoring and alerts in the event of a power outage. Each monitoring unit is sealed in a weatherproof NEMA-4X enclosure to protect it from moisture, dirt, and chemicals. Operators can obtain the status of each monitored condition at the installation site or via telephone.

 For more details including overview videos, visit Sensaphone’s 1400/1800 system information page.