has begun to offer escrow accounts to buyers and sellers of hay on its website. Given the considerable cost associated with these purchases and varying quality of the hay upon receipt, having funds in escrow could prevent unhappy customers from – at worst – having to take legal action against each other.

Even outsiders can recognize the fact that farming is a large-scale operation. Sprawling across hundreds of acres and growing the food we consume daily, modern farms quite simply make American life possible. To ensure that this progress is maintained, has recently implemented a financial option that makes transactions safer.

AllHay’s newest service is its innovative escrow program, which will surely come in handy when buyers and sellers are exchanging hundreds of bales at prices commanding nearly $100 per bale. Since this is the going rate of hay – and since hay is a critical component of all farms – AllHay decided that it needed to implement a service that would help end-users. This offering is the first of its kind in the hay buying/selling sector and it gives farms one more reason to find the listing that’s right for them via