Rheem’s new HotWave is a multipurpose hose sprayer that never runs out of hot water. The HotWave uses tankless water heating technology to provide an endless supply of hot water outdoors – whenever, wherever. HotWave makes cleaning dirt and grime easier to help save users time and effort when washing their homes, patios, vehicles, pets, and a variety of other items. Rheem launched an Indiegogo campaign at indiegogo.com/projects/hotwave#/

HotWave’s plug-and-play design easily attaches and works with any garden hose. By incorporating tankless water heating technology, HotWave allows users to heat and access water from a single source. It has a maximum temperature of 110 degrees, HotWave users can change water temperature instantly for their needs.

HotWave’s multipurpose design features 4 spray patterns (cone, flat, jet and shower). Each pattern offers a unique water pressure and the ability to use cool, warm, or hot settings. The sprayer features a comfortable, ergonomic grip and easy-to-use trigger lock to make cleaning a breeze.

Because it’s made by Rheem, users can feel confident about the product’s reliability and safety. HotWave was designed to the highest electrical standards, and its durable construction has been tested for tough, intensive use.