Wilton’s new Cold Front™ 3037 is a new, atomized cooling fan that according to the company, has twice the air cooling efficiency as competing fans with no noticeable humidity increase and one-third less power usage. The Cold Front 3037 requires up to 49 percent less floor space; it measures at 4 ft., 8 in. high.

The Cold Front 3037 applies patented Flow Blurring® technology, which uses low air pressure and water to produce micro-droplets that evaporate instantly and create cooler air covering 3,161 square feet. The high-efficiency fan is ideal for machine shops, and it’s approved for outdoor settings.

The fan runs for more than 10 hours on a single fill-up of its 19-gallon water tank. The tank incorporates a visual water level indicator and is easy to fill and drain. There are no hose connections and no puddles, drips, or potential slipping hazards. The fan has an automatic low-water shut-off for added safety.

The single-speed cooling fan operates on a standard 120VAC/60 Hz current and has an independent fan and cooling controls. Flash evaporation starts cooling quickly, and no time-consuming shut-down period is required. A dual onboard accessory outlet with GFCI protection is provided. No pads or added filters are necessary. It’s mounted on four 12-inch wheels with solid rubber tires and rolls through standard doorways and has a standard foot brake control.