Feed Train’s new Twin Spool Barbed Wire Unroller (pictured above) makes quick and easy work of fencing chores. The unroller has a post holder which keeps posts secure and off of the tailgate. A pull point on the bottom of the unroller makes it easy and convenient to hook chains for pulling posts. The pins are removable, making it easy to install new rolls. The 13-¼ inches of rise gives added ground clearance and puts rolls of wire at tailgate height, so it’s easier to load new spools of wire onto the unroller.

Feed Train’s 1,000 lb. Offroad Auger Wagon (pictured above) has a 10’ 3” spout height, which makes it easy to fill a variety of feeders. A spring-assisted auger folding makes it easy for anyone to fold the auger. Convenient cord storage keeps control cords out of the way when not in use.

Feed Train products are made in the USA by Cattlemen for Cattlemen. Their products are built to last and will save you time and money.