Photographs of naked Australian farmers are being used to spark conversations about rural mental health and to promote greater interest in farming. The photos are shared on a social media site which has become home to a collection of images from around the country.

The Naked Farmer page on social media is curated by Victorian farmer Ben Brooksby, who wanted to capture the attention of people not directly involved in agriculture.

Mr. Brooksby said the calendar had prompted conversations about mental health. He said there were synergies between posing naked and talking about mental health issues.

“When you scroll through (social media) and see a naked person amongst bales of hay or something like that, people stop and actually read it and take note,” Mr. Brooksby said.

“No one feels confident stripping off, especially if someone is taking a photo,” he said. “But then you don’t want anyone to see your inner mental health either. A lot of people hide it and there’s no reason to.”