May Wes introduces the new Bat Wing Paddle Tine and Replacement Snap On Tines for Case IH, New Holland, MacDon and John Deere grain heads.

Available for Case IH, New Holland, John Deere and MacDon grain heads, the Batwing Paddle Tine is sold in 10 packs and features a unique 5-finger design that aids in feeding short or specialty crops more consistently and evenly, saving farmers time and money during the busy harvest season. It is designed for use in soybeans, wheat, canola, chickpeas, lupins, and flax. The Bat Wing’s quick attach design slips over the header’s existing finger quickly and securely with no tools required for installation. Its rounded inner radius helps prevent debris build-up.

The Case IH/New Holland/MacDon Bat Wing Paddle Tine fits Case IH grain head models 2162/2152/2142, MacDon FD-70/FD-75/FD-1, and New Holland 86C/83C/82C. The John Deere Bat Wing replaces John Deere OEM part # HXE96538 and fits John Deere grain head models 630FD, 635FD, 640FD, 645FD, 730FD, 735FD, 740FD, 745FD. Serial # 785,000 and above.

Replace damaged or shortened reel tines in seconds with May Wes Replacement Snap-On Tines. The Snap-On Tine easily snaps over the top of the original factory finger without any tools for a quick and secure fit. May Wes Replacement Snap-On Tines are sold in 10 packs are available for Case IH header reel models 2162/2152/2142, MacDon FD-70/FD-75/FD-1, New Holland 86C/83C/82C, and John Deere 630FD/ 635FD/ 640FD/645FD/730FD/735FD/ 740FD/745FD/Serial # 785,000 and above.