Building on the success of its BeefCake™ supplement feeder, DewEze is pleased to announce the newest addition to the line – the BeefCake Cotton Edition.

“The original BeefCake changed the way ranchers offered supplement nutrition for their herd,” said James Guy, DewEze Sales Manager. “Cattle producers could feed cubes, distillers and corn effectively, without worrying about wasteful bridging. Now, we’ve extended that offering to include whole cottonseed.”

Built with the same vitality as its predecessor, the BeefCake Cotton Edition boasts a quick engaging agitator, plus the twin auger system, to keep WCS flowing to the chute. The agitator arms rotate at a slower RPM than the augers, preventing damage to the feed as it moves through the bin. The removable pin disengages the agitator, offering flexibility to dispense other feeds, if desired.

“More and more producers are turning to whole cottonseed for the economical, convenient and nutritive benefits,” James continued. “But it was difficult to feed. You either handled buckets or jumped in a tractor with a front loader. This solution lets cattlemen feed from the comfort of their cab – the same benefit as our bale beds.”

The BeefCake Cotton Edition is available in a 2,000 lbs. (about 900 lbs. cottonseed) unit and features an electric or hydraulic model.