For North American hay producers looking to maximize their return on investment, Krone’s new BiG M 450 Self-Propelled Mower Conditioner lets producers mow and condition more acres—faster and resulting in better quality hay—than ever before. That means hay growers can harvest a higher quality hay crop faster, and in doing so, beat tight weather windows.

Choose from several swath formation options. Match rake widths, and merge all crops into one windrow for chopping, or lay the hay out wide for fast drydown and baling. Mow at speeds up to 15.5 mph, and save money on fuel because you will get excellent fuel efficiency from the 449-hp Liebherr Tier 4 Final engines, featuring EcoPower. Proven, heavy-duty, exclusive Krone cutterbars feature improved obstacle protection and Quick-Change blades for quick replacement.

A quieter cab means increased operator comfort and productivity, and a spacious cab design improves visibility, and comes with ergonomic controls, “living-room” comforts, and 10” touch screen display for simplified and advanced diagnostics.

Quick travel between fields further increases productivity – the wings fold up quickly to just 9’10” wide transport width, then the operator can travel roads at speeds up to 25 miles per hour.

Hear what farmers are saying about the new BiG M 450

Ray Leffingwell and son Miles (pictured above), who operate a diversified haying business in southeast Minnesota, cut over 4,800 acres with the new BiG M 450 with rubber conditioning rollers during this past 2018 haying season.

“The three even windrows, that’s really gaining us a lot on the dry time,” says Ray. “And the crimp is way better with this machine. Leaf loss is negligible. This new BiG M has enabled us to make more dry hay than we have in the past 10 years. Just hands down a better machine in dry hay.”

Miles Leffingwell, who was the primary operator of the BiG M, says, “It’ll run in the field somewhere between 15 and 16 miles per hour…we covered up to 48 acres per hour…This engine is a lot more fuel efficient than previous models.”

Ray summarized his thoughts on the new BiG M saying, “I don’t know if Krone knows what they’ve got in this machine. It has performed flawlessly for us. Everything is about saving money. And this new BiG M will save us money in the long run.”