The new, patent-pending Bin SumpPRO™ system from Leading Edge Industries remedies grain bin sump flow issues by breaking up the clumps that would normally plug the sump. There are two patented countermeasures that allow Bin SumpPRO to accomplish its objective. First, it breaks up all types of clumps and ice above the floor. Second, it cuts and clears material lodged between the top of the floor and the discharge auger under the floor.

Combining these two innovations, along with its ability to operate under full bin capacity, it will prove to be a game-changer in grain bin safety. Most importantly, it provides peace of mind by preventing 99 percent of the plugging situations that cause farmers to endanger their lives by entering grain bins.

The Bin SumpPRO was designed in response to the grain bin issues and deaths that have plagued the farming industry for generations. Immature crops, excess moisture, and high humidity conditions can create sump lodging and extremely hazardous conditions in grain bins. Every year, families are devastated by grain bin accidents that originate from a plugged bin sump, and thousands of dollars are spent unplugging or cutting holes in bins to remove the grain.

The Bin SumpPRO is a retrofit kit for grain bin sweep systems that uses the existing powerhead, gearbox, and a modified auger to allow the Bin SumpPRO to run under full compaction load. The patent-pending beaters, along with the gate cutting blades, will break up 99 percent of the clumps from immature commodities, ice chunks, crust or foreign material that would otherwise plug the sump. Once the center grain level is at the floor, the whole sweep is ready to be used. A quick coupler reconnects the beaters to the auger for normal use.

The system is compatible with any grain bin with a floor sweep system. There are three models available currently with more coming in the future. Installation takes just a couple of hours, resulting in a cost-effective solution to save money, give peace of mind, and protect farmers and their families from tragedy.