The Samson Bracket is a revolutionary new system of wood to concrete connection. It relies on massive connection strength to prevent a stiff, rigid joint. This connection can only be made by using Samson’s unique system of many small nails. They do not compromise wood strength by splitting the post, similar to a truss gusset.

In the Samson wet-set bracket, the nails are driven through the angle iron bracket at 90-degree angles to each other. This makes nail pull-out impossible.

Developed by a builder to meet a need in the construction trade, the bracket p[assed rigorous testing. The goal was to create a connection in which the post would break before the connection would fail. With the system, that goal was reached. Another goal was to pass the state of Kentucky’s stringent building codes. Samson provides engineer-stamped data stating the connection satisfies the Kentucky code. It specifies not only connection strength but also the concrete foundation needed.

The brackets are finished with a premium hot-dipped galvanize. Perfect for the most corrosive environments.

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