Strip-tillage and seedbed preparation is now easier with Yetter Farm Equipment’s 2984 Strip Freshener CC.

Like the original Strip Freshener, the 2984 Strip Freshener CC is designed to create and revive strips in the fall or spring. Using 3 blades and a rolling basket, both models create a 10-inch-wide seedbed with the option to place liquid or dry fertilizer in strips. The new feature on the 2984 Strip Freshener CC is a multiple-circuit air system, which allows independent control of the rolling basket, row cleaner and row-unit down pressure from the cab—all to help growers quickly adapt to changing field conditions.

“This system gives operators the ability to easily adjust these settings faster and in smaller increments than they can on the original Strip Freshener model,” said Yetter Territory Manager Andy Thompson. “This model efficiently makes strips in the fall or spring to accelerate soil warm-up and create the ideal seedbed for planting.”

The Strip Freshener CC operates at 6 to 10 mph and mounts on three-point or pull-type toolbars. The three-blade design mixes the upper soil profile at depth settings of 1-1/2” to 4″, which is ideal for creating and freshening strips. Spoke gauge wheels control depth, which can be adjusted in 1/4″ increments. For a consistent seedbed, the rolling basket conditions each strip. Parallel linkage improves row-by-row performance.

Farmers must keep looking for ways to increase efficiency, and strip-till equipment continues to evolve to meet this challenge. “With the original Strip Freshener, and now the Strip Freshener CC, Yetter has given our growers ways to cover more acres per hour with less horsepower and less fuel usage—all while creating an ideal seed zone and delivering efficient nutrient placement,” said Thompson. “High-speed, shallow strip-till with these tools is proving to be an excellent choice for growers to increase both efficiency and profitability.”