Until recently, the typical method for monitoring stored grain was thermocouples attached to steel cables. These cables experience strong vertical forces during bin filling, storing, and emptying, and have led to damaged and even collapsed bins. Besides, cable monitors are a hit-or-miss proposition: they may miss a moldy spot which can lead to serious grain damage, reducing your profits. Or even worse, bin fires are not uncommon, and they can cause major capital loss.

Centaur brings your bin to the AI age, with the world’s first cable-free and predictive grain monitoring technology, already trusted by customers worldwide, including the USDA.

Centaur’s Internet-of-Crops® relies on patented digital, in-bin, cable-free, wireless, long-life battery-operated, and highly sensitive sensors which monitor all parameters that affect grain quality, including moisture and carbon dioxide in the bulk.

You can access sensor measurements via an intuitive, mobile-first interface accessible from any smart device or PC. But beyond raw readings, Centaur’s Internet-of-Crops® uses advanced algorithms to constantly reassess conditions, processing subtle changes in moisture or increases in carbon dioxide which suggest heightened mold or insect risk. Going one step further, the platform analyzes past and future weather patterns, including extreme events, and predicts the future condition of the grain, helping you plan the timing and pricing of your sales.

Internet-of-Crops® is not just a monitoring tool. It will email you whenever it determines imminent or predicted spoilage risk. Better yet, the AI powering the platform offers actionable advice, such as running aeration fans on an energy-efficient schedule.

Beyond mere advice, Internet-of-Crops® ships with an ‘autopilot’ controller which will turn the fans on or off automatically for you; you still get a manual override option via the Internet-of-Crops® interface. Finally, being a cloud-based system entitles you to frequent, automated software updates – for free.

Extensive, real-world experience from Centaur’s customers suggests that the Internet-of-Crops® system will pay for itself many times over. Reduced slippage, mitigated spoilage in the bin, and energy cost savings promise 10% more profit from commodity grain storage – or better.

Plus the priceless peace of mind that comes with knowing your crop is being cared for 24/7.

A free illustrated guide is available – to receive it, call 217-418-9662 (Brad Taylor) or email info@centaur.ag.