The new radial-lift RT-65 Posi-Track® compact track loader from ASV Holdings is ideal for digging and ground work in any type of excavation scanrio.

“The RT-65 is everything our customers look for in a compact track loader, including industry-leading serviceability, reliability and power,” said Justin Rupar, ASV Holdings Inc. vice president of sales and marketing. “We built the machine with unmatched ease-of-maintenance features that make operators’ lives easier. The machine also features a robust design and high performance so you can get your job done faster and with minimal downtime.”

The RT-65 boasts top-notch serviceability, including a swing-out radiator, top hood and side doors that allow access to all sides of the engine compartment, including filters and other daily checkpoints. The unit’s cooler swings out with the door, giving operators total access for easy cleaning and improved machine performance due to the cleaner cooler.

To speed the draining process, ASV includes convenient drain plugs on all service items, including drive motors, the hydraulic tank, the radiator and the engine oil pan. The plugs are within easy reach compared to CTLs from other manufacturers that require the operator to remove the tracks to reach them. The RT-65 features easy-to-access spin-on, frame-mounted filters for simple, single-wrench service, rather than hose-clamp-mounted filters. Zerk fittings on the end of all pins make greasing easy. In addition, the machine features a direct-drive pump, eliminating the labor-intensive belt servicing that comes with belt-driven pumps.

The RT-65 also includes steel sprocket rollers that are replaceable individually, saving both time and cost compared to other machines that may require replacement of the entire sprocket.

ASV manufactures its loaders with its patented Posi-Track undercarriage. The innovative system allows customers to use the RT-65 as an all-season, all-weather machine with maximum control, flotation, traction and pushing power in steep, wet, muddy and slippery conditions. The system features a flexible rubber track with internal positive drive sprockets to provide superior traction and track life.

The Posi-Track system also contributes to operator comfort. The RT-65 features a suspension system made up of two independent torsion axles per undercarriage, allowing for a smooth ride over every type of terrain and speeds as fast as 11 mph.