Concord has expanded the size offering of its Precision Shank Drill (PSD) lineup for the 2021 model year. A 39-foot model will now be available, in addition to its 51-foot and 61-foot counterparts. The smaller size now offers an opportunity to realize the benefits of the revolutionary PSD at a lower horsepower requirement.

“Until now, to take full advantage of the PSD’s potential seeding speed of 8 mph, you’ve needed a minimum of 500 horsepower,” says Brad Meyer, VP of Sales & Marketing for Concord. “With the new 39-foot, that minimum requirement now drops to around 425 HP, allowing a lot more producers to take advantage of its efficiency.”

The Precision Shank Drill was first introduced in 2017 after years of testing and development. It was developed with speed and efficiency in mind. The combination of cutting coulters, disc levelers, and wide pneumatic packer tires allow the producer to travel at speeds of up to 8 mph while still maintaining an extremely smooth field finish. This makes a 39-foot PSD just as productive as a 70-foot competitive unit at the recommended 4-5 mph but without the extra maintenance and complication of a larger unit.

“We’re excited to bring this new size of PSD to the market. Growers have been very interested in the drill over the past few years, and those that have one really love it,” says Ben Sander, Marketing Manager for Concord. “There were so many that wanted a unit on their farm but didn’t quite have enough horsepower to take full advantage of its capabilities. So, we’ve now been able to remove that barrier.”

Meyer adds, “Row crop farmers have had similar benefits with high-speed planting for years due to the technology improvements in meters and row units. The PSD “row unit” is able to offer that similar, high-speed seeding productivity to hoe drill seeders.”

The new 39-foot PSD is currently available to order for the 2021 model year. Deliveries of the units are scheduled to start late this fall.