Most ceiling fans use three, four or five blades, but the ones from the Original Windmill Ceiling Fans Company have 18. An inspired replica of the iconic windmill water pump that accented almost every farm and railroad track in the heartland for a century creates the uniquely original design.

The family-owned company produces lightweight fans with aluminum and steel components that direct the air as surely as the old windmills turned to face the breeze. An almost endless array of colors accommodates any home décor as the handcrafted fans bring a touch of the past to discerning owners across the country.

Honoring Family Traditions

With roots that lie deep in the rich tradition of hard-working Iowa and Kansas farming lifestyles, owners Phillip and Kelly Eggers honor traditional values every day by creating a quality product. Both grandfathers instilled in them that “a person is only as good as his word,” and they confirm it by meeting the highest standards of service, workmanship and attention to detail. The exceptional quality and innovative designs of their original windmill ceiling fan show their respect for family tradition and heritage. With the joy that comes from creating a superior product that benefits others, the Original Windmill Ceiling Fans Company shares with homeowners a unique quality that is reminiscent of bygone days.

Sharing an Inspiration

An idyllic new barndominium home in Texas beckoned them to return to the simple, reliable, all-American country life after a stint in the corporate world. However, the heat in the 16-foot vaulted ceilings needed relief that a/c could not deliver, and Kelly’s recollections of her youth on a Kansas farm created a way to dispel it. The idea for the original windmill ceiling fan came straight out of Midwestern ingenuity and the innovative imagination of a daughter of the American heartland – no matter how many competitors may try to claim it. As Phillip points out, “the best types of ceiling fans can efficiently move air at a low velocity,” just as the old windmill pumps did when they provided water for farms and the railroad steam engines. In their new barndominium, Kelly incorporates doors and wood from the barns and buildings from her grandmother’s farm home to create a charming and rustic environment. The replica of an old-fashioned windmill can make any home achieve an ambiance that welcomes family and friends to a cool breeze after a hard day of work. Kelly welcomes everyone to “come home as well to one of our unique, beautiful, functional windmill ceiling fans.” The inspiration that created a replica of the iconic windmills that once dotted the farm landscape brings comfort and coziness into a home that appreciates heritage and simplicity. The extraordinary handcrafted creations that her company designs and produces offer a timeless transport to the efficiencies of the past. Under the deliberate and purposefully slow turn of the fan, owners can feel the effect of massive air movement that replaces heat with cooling breezes.

Powering with Efficiency

A huge difference between the Original Windmill Ceiling Fans Company and the competition is the efficient performance that the motors provide. Of the five blade lengths, the three shortest (54, 60 and 66-inch) use an AC motor to move 3000-4500 cubic feet per minute (CFM) with only 20 to 40 rpm. Owners can use the quiet 9-amp, gearless motor indoor or out on flat ceilings or slopes up to 45 degrees to produce four speeds. Each fan ships with a standard ball ceiling mount with a 5-inch valance. The two largest fans (72 and 96-inch) use a high-torque, 1.3-amp DC motor with an rpm range of 10 to 60 to move 3500-7500 CFM. A wall mount control box/converter with variable speed and 115-volt AC input comes with each fan and allows the use of standard electrical wire. A heavy duty 18-inch bracket for the motor mounts on indoor or outdoor flat ceilings or slopes up to 85 degrees.

Cooling with Rustic Beauty

Each of the original fans is a handcrafted quality product made in America from 100 percent aluminum and steel that distinguishes a home with authenticity and elegant practicality. The company handcrafts and assembles each blade for every customer. Homeowners can display them with pride that does not come with the mass-produced, low-quality fans made of particle board and molded plastic that are imported from China. The Brushed Metal finish suits a rustic décor perfectly, and Kelly notes that “brushed metal is one of the five most desired metals in rustic décor designs today.” Galvanized/Silver models feature a decorative and protective coating, and the Matte Finish fans diffuse light. Because a matte finish is neither glossy nor shiny, it complements a room that doesn’t need a reflective surface on the ceiling. The Powder Coated line of fans offers every color imaginable in distinctive treatments. The Oil Rubbed Bronze resembles the aged bronze that enhances rustic and down-to-earth living spaces. Very dark and varying from a deep chocolate brown to a dark gray and usually with copper undertones, it complements a comfortable home with grace and elegance. The handsome dark Antique Bronze is simultaneously sleek and rustic as it accents a home décor with a comfortable influence from the past. The Copper Vein looks like hammered metal with a smooth and mild texture. The copper vein finish becomes a focal point in stylish and cozy home decor. For brightening a lake house or log home, the Polished Copper fans bring warmth and charm as well. Copper withstands changes in preferences for interior design and retains its allure over time. The Weathered Series presents hand finished custom color variations that give each blade a distinctive and unique appearance. The craftsmanship that goes into every creation makes each one match owner specifications perfectly. The Barn Metal features hand-painted grey, the Patina Copper offers a soft and subtle effect, and the Rustic Copper provides contrast and definition. With the appearance of metals that have aged in the elements, the Rust/Grey fans bring a touch of familiar scenery to a home’s interior or exterior. Tarnished Tin and Antique White provide accents that brighten a room, and the Barn Red model provides an accent of distinct contrast. Each fan weighs about 40-50 pounds, but the size of the 96-inch model may reach 65 pounds for some finishes.

Controlling the Design

The efficiency and functionality of the old windmills come to life in the ceiling fans that resemble them in almost every way but with contemporary adaptations. They have the unrivaled strength and quality craftsmanship that make them last a lifetime. There is nothing mass produced about the fans that carry an authentic one-of-a-kind look and feel, and Phillip points out that “customers can have control over the design and finish of a windmill ceiling fan” to make it match the décor of a home. With the transformation of the lore of the old windmill water pumps into beautiful, hand-finished ceiling fans for rustic or contemporary homes, the Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company brings the treasures of the past to the present.