The new Super Duty Fans created by the Windmill Ceiling Fan Company are an affordable solution for areas that need significant air movement at an affordable price. Typical areas for the Super Duty Fans run from patios, outdoor kitchens, garages and horse stalls for the smaller models, to large buildings like airplane hangars, machine sheds, and warehouses for the large models.

The large model will efficiently cool a 75×80 building with ceilings up to 30 feet. The smaller models are OSHA compliant so they can be hung lower in smaller areas where people gather.

The Super Duty Fan is unique in design; it is a shrouded ceiling fan running on standard household current and is easily installed. The CFM runs from 18000 on the small model, to 42000 on the larger model, so air movement is massive for maximum cooling. A belt drive keeps it quiet, and patented design provides a funnel-shaped airflow to cover the whole area and not just the area directly below it. They are built to last a long time with enclosed motors, powder-coated frames, stainless steel balanced blades, and zinc plated hardware.

Phillip Eggers, CEO of the Windmill Ceiling Fan Company, commented, “This fan is unlike anything else on the market. The applications for these fans are endless. While there are plenty of ceiling fans available today, the Super Duty Fans are the only fans available with huge airflow at an affordable price.”

Eggers explained that big box home improvement stores carry dozens of cheap, pretty ceiling fans, but they move little air. On the other spectrum of the market are HVLS fans with spans of up to 24 feet with prices in the thousands, and while they do move a lot of air, it takes a full day to install them. There are floor drum fans which moves a lot of air, but only directly in front of the fan and usually are cheaply constructed, lasting just for a season.

“We combine the best of each of these fans to address your cooling needs,” Eggers commented.