Crary®’s Revolution Ditcher™ is better than ever with a lineup of strong features added to the 2019 model. The Revolution Ditcher is designed to work in a variety of soil types and create various styles of ditch cuts.

“Customers will notice several welcomed features, new to the 2019 Ditcher,” said Crary’s Ag Design Engineer, Rachelle Radi. “Standard this year on the Ditcher is more transport ground clearance allowing access to harder to reach fields without losing ditch cutting depth of up to 10 inches.”

The Revolution Ditcher comes standard with a 190 rpm 6.5’ diameter impeller, designed for rock and high volume throughput. The Ditcher can throw dirt up to 165’ in either of two directions and leave a 10” deep, 5’ wide flat-bottom ditch. Bolt-on replaceable wear parts are made of high-grade abrasion resistant steel to minimize downtime in the field.

Already boasting the heaviest industrial speculations and Bonfigliolo planetary gearbox in the market already, the driveline clutch is now rated to 30,000 in-lb. The standard auto-level has a 2x faster reaction time of the hydraulic system to field conditions. Moving between fields is simplified with an 80% higher transport height to 18”.

“New options available this year, allow the user to be able to operate in a variety of and adverse conditions without compromising functionality or performance,” said Radi.