Clear land quickly and efficiently – no tree stands in the way of the M&M Hydra Saw from Weber Manufacturing. This saw features precise flush-to-the-ground cutting and a rotating head for trimming limbs or may be used as a stump grinder as well.

One of the most notable features of the new Hydra Saw is its massive 42” custom ground blade featuring a “new to the industry” grade of carbide tooth that is not afraid of rocks. Rocks have plagued saw owners in the past so reducing the cost of ownership over the lifetime of the saw is a significant feature.

The Hydra Saw has a chemical spray system that includes a 10-gallon stainless steel tank that resists rust for years and a diesel compatible spray pump. It has a low speed, high torque motor for the safety of operation and a large blade spindle that makes it durable and safe.

Martin Meek , speaking on behalf of Weber Manufacturing commented, “This saw will last a lifetime. With its extra-large guard and extended reach, this cutter will handle almost any job that comes its way. It weighs just over 1700lbs, so you know it is M&M quality and built to last.”

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